This is all quite new, I’m not a photographer, I’m not a writer, I’m not a cook…so might as well write a blog which includes all these things.

I love food – I love music – I love Tenerife ( I live there) – I love laughter – I love wine – I love Gin ( note to self don’t make endless lists about all the booze you like/consume this does NOT create a good first impression)

Thats about it.

So, my blog will contain the following: A few tried and tested recipes made with produce mainly from my local farmers market. A few insightful snippets about Tenerife. A few creative pursuits mainly based on ideas after drinking wine and a few tracks I’m listening to at any given moment.

I’ve been told you can make money from writing a blog, I have no idea how, but I do need a new kitchen, so fingers crossed…

I hope you stay with me while I work out how this all blog malarkey works 🙂